30" x 40" SOLD

The state of North Carolina; Painting available as 24" x 36" poster; SOLD OUT

In this painting I tried to depict both the current and historic perspectives of Winston-Salem, not only in the landmarks but also in the people and culture of the area. I also included a sampling of the wide variety of entertaining activities available to residents and visitors alike. The overall feeling I wanted to capture in the painting was that of Winston-Salem's small town atmosphere and solid traditional family values.

Area landmarks form the backdrop over which images of people and activities are laid. The cityscape is represented both by a skyline at night and by key office buildings at the top of the painting. The new Wachovia building, which was under construction at the time I was painting, required extensive research so that it could be accurately depicted as it would appear upon completion. (I do much research for my paintings for accuracy and to assure that I include images that are meaningful to the viewer.) Other building landmarks included are Reynolda House, the Reynolds Building, the Sawtooth Building, the Stevens Center, Graylyn Conference Center, Wait Chapel at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State's new dormitory and their arch, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Planters-Lifesavers headquarters, the Integon building and the original Wachovia building.

The historical connection is also made through the buildings of Old Salem and Bethabara, including the old mill wheel at Bethabra with the inscribed date of 1775. Both communities were the seeds that eventually grew into the thriving city of Winston-Salem. The Moravian Star, which gleams from porches around the area each holiday season, reflects the proud Moravian heritage that is infused in our community life even today. I also included a log church that is part of a reconstructed turn-of-the-century community at the Dixie Classic fairgrounds.

Other area landmarks accenting the painting are Pilot Mountain and the large coffee pot at Old Salem. Coffee is a favorite beverage of Winston-Salem residents, and the special blend of Moravian coffee is shared by many at festive times of the year.

The cultural diversities and varying interests of the people of Winston-Salem are portrayed through activities like the steeple chase, boating, biking, music and sports as well as by costumed characters representing local history.

Rounding out the painting are gardens, flowers and gazebos from Bethabara and Reynolda Gardens. Also featured is an art lover gazing upon a painting of a garden.

The heritage of the area is further highlighted by a flowering tobacco plant and a large blooming magnolia flower.


©OUT Trena McNabb