West wall of deck

South wall of deck


Art Treatment of 4 story parking deck. Utilizing printed vinyl, laminated to PVC and applied to the exterior of the deck
15 square 6.5 ft. panels; and 3 27 ft. x 2 ft. panels; 2000.

Winston-Salem’s newest, the Wingate Hotel, recently unveiled its new public art project in an effort to raise public awareness of the "City of the Arts". The project features large colorful, square icons scattered around three sides of the Wingate Hotel parking deck. Each icon symbolizes a different art form. Vertically centered, and reading uphill, on three side of the building are the words "City of the Arts".

“Winston-Salem is truly the City of the Arts,” said Don Angell. “The scope and diversity of our artistic community and the pool of creative talent are unmatched by any city of a similar size. We saw a unique opportunity to raise public awareness of these facts by using art itself in a prominent public display.”

Angell, whose company, SouthEastern Hospitality, runs the hotel, shared his vision for the project with Ramelle Pulitzer, Director of Associated Artists of Winston-Salem. Pulitzer arranged a meeting between Angell and Trena McNabb, a local artist and member of Associated Artists who specializes in public and large-scale art.

First creating a scale model (maquette), McNabb designed a series of 15 large, colorful square icons, each representing an art form or performance medium prominent in the overall arts makeup of the community:

West Wall; Drama, Happy/Sad masks; Dance, Used ballet slippers; Drums, African music; Music, Sheet music. South Wall; Calligraphy, Writing, Poetry, A; Sculpture, Carving,African Sculpture; Weaving, Spools of yarn; Pottery, Handmade vase; Children’s Art, A child’s drawing of Old Salem; Collage and paper art, Scissors; Photography, Camera front; Painting, Drawing, Pot of paint & brushes. East Wall; Textiles, African Textile with painted animals and geometric shapes; Basketry, Handmade basket; Furniture, Carved furniture from Old Salem, Old Salem Museum

The icons are reproduced on printed vinyl, a temporary medium with a life of one to two years.“From time to time we may change the images to publicize outstanding artistic events in Winston-Salem,” Angell commented.

Located at the corner of Business I-40 and Church Street, the parking deck can be seen by motorist and visitors passing along Business I-40 and from many other different vantage points in the downtown area.


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