A lot of research goes into each painting.


STORY telling is closely analogous to my work. Each painting is actually a connected series of smaller paintings that tell a story…

The basic MEDIUM is water-proof, color-fast durable acrylic paint on canvas.

The STYLE of much of my paintings employs a technique which allows the un-painted warm canvas to show through the surrounding painted areas to form a unique image. These and vibrant color areas are frequently contrasted with stark white negative spaces.

The COLOR areas of my work have been described as a transparent, painted collage. Painted scenes overlay each other to form a kaleidoscope of colors. These color areas depict an allegorical thought or story the meaning and depth of which deepens the longer one studies the piece.

DIMENSION is achieved in many ways: sectional pieces wrap around a corner; or suspend from the ceiling on swivels; unexpected materials such as extra canvas, plexiglass, twine, or sawdust are sometimes sewn or adhered to the canvas. Different textures, such as matte and gloss, can be found on a single painting. These techniques combined with the repeated applications of the white on the natural canvas, result in an unusual vibrancy and lifelike quality.

The SUBJECT matter and physical location for each work are thoroughly researched before deciding on any images or shapes to be used. One central theme or image predominates each piece, with many overlapping and interlocking images filling out the rest of the painting and the background. The overall effect created by the transparency of the images is somewhat surreal, however, as the viewer approaches the work, details come into focus. Each image is realistic and each stroke has meaning. As I overlap images, matching the same curves and angles from one image to another is very important to me.

The SHAPE of the piece as it is viewed from a distance is very important. The shapes themselves are geometric. I often add plexiglass shapes with painted images. Many of my larger works are done in sections which stretch across walls or wrap around corners. I have also suspended paintings from the ceiling on wires and spinners, with other paintings of related themes mounted on either side of the suspended work.

The ORIGINALITY of the work, creating multiple images that take viewers months, or even years to totally explore visually - is my goal.

THANK YOU for your interest in my work.


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