room scenes at Park & Recreation Dept.

Paintings at the Park and Recreation Administrative Office Building (Charlotte, NC)
Eleven 36" squares, 3-dimensional elements and "balls" of various sizes; 1998

"Playful Equals Healthful" celebrates the activities sponsored by the Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department. This series of colorful paintings, displayed in a playful array of cascading angles, recreate the energy, excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the many recreational activities which enhance the Charlotte community.

Set on a background of the familiar landscapes maintained by the Parks and Recreation staff, and accented by colorful flowers, these paintings bring to life the fun of sharing in an active lifestyle. Through organized games, musical events, individual recreational activities, or quiet meditation in the park, all citizens of the greater Charlotte area come together to form a common bond. No matter what their cultural backgrounds, economic status or physical abilities or limitations, Mecklenburg County citizens can benefit individually and collectively from the great array of activities brought to us by the Parks and Recreation Department.

The paintings depict children biking and hiking, swimming and skiing, picnicking and playing, singing and skating, dancing and prancing, jumpin' and jivin'.

Adults are playing tennis and golf, riding horses and boating, running and relaxing, fishing and forgetting, swinging and swaying, movin’ and groovin’.

Adding to the joyful excitement of these paintings are three-dimensional objects emanating from the paintings – a butterfly and a kite string, a football and a soccer ball bouncing off the canvas – bringing a life of their own to these works.


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