Painting for Lopez Nursing Home Enlargement

Paintings at the Lopez Nursing Home; (Land O' Lakes, FL) Veterans' Administration, Art in State Building Program; Seven equilateral triangles, each 45". Total size 39" x 184" x 2"; 1999.

Honoring the many men and women who have served our country, this painting pays tribute to the valiant members of our Armed Forces who have dedicated their lives to preserving our freedom and protecting the American way of life. It also honors the families of service men and women who provide the support and understanding necessary for a commitment to military life.

Using a series of alternating triangles as the foundation of this work, I have created multiple, over-lapping images of service people and American families amidst historic and symbolic landmarks from around the world. A military color guard, comprised of members of the various military services, provides the focal point for this work. Each panel features as the central image an individual, or individuals, engaged in everyday activities in the lives of American families: a pregnant woman, a couple reading a letter and a man lounging in a hammock. A child with a kite and a couple running on the beach symbolizes the need for leisure activity in our lives, while a father carrying the child on his shoulders reminds us that life also carries with it responsibilities that make it both meaningful and pleasurable.

Armed Services members served by the Lopez Nursing Home have traveled around the globe representing our country and defending American interests. Images such as the simple houses of common folk of Germany, the statues on Easter Island and other landmarks add this worldly aspect of service life to the painting.

As I commemorate the members of all our service branches through this painting, I also offer the work as my way of saying “thanks” for your service and for a job well done.


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