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Gardening is for the birds - bees - insects and other critters!

These are visuals which tell the story of how the meadow was created and maintained.
They show some of the homemade gear I use in the garden:
Apron with pockets to hold specific tools
Bucket with quiver of flags (red flag means to kill and blue means to water, etc)
Favorite shovel for planting
Knee pads used for planting or removing weeds by hand into the bucket.

In the beginning 1993, it was just a sewer easement that needed to be cleared. . .

This describes a special technique I developed which allows me to "paint" out weeds.
I go out in the meadow in the early morning when it is cool,
walk back and forth in a pattern which covers all the area finding
unwanted weeds to either paint out or remove by hand.
The solution I use is a Rodeo mix which is not harmful to the creek.
I go inside as the day heats up, and am able to "paint" in plants on my paintings in the studio.

I have updated my "stick" to an old mop handle. That works well with the $1 brush tied to it as it is extendable!


I carry extra gloves in my pockets. These are some of the images I use when making talks about the meadow.


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