Painting for life science company in Greensboro, NC.

Syngenta Corporation; (Greensboro, NC) Five 36" square canvas panels. total size 48" x 192"; 1998.

To capture the essence of the contributions this company has made in the field of agriculture, I have chosen to represent their work with a series of contrasting panels. Highly detailed, kaleidoscopic images of the people who manage our nation’s food production are offset by "landscape" panels depicting the homes and farms of the dedicated farmers who feed the world.

Each of the detailed panels features a plant as its focal point. On the center panel, a three-dimensional corn plant constructed of canvas, sawdust and paint, captures the viewer’s attention and emphasizes the importance of this crop in feeding humans as well as livestock. Highlighting the two end panels are a potato plant and a soybean plant jutting above the horizon while their root systems are shown growing beneath the ground. Focusing on what happens beneath the soil has been an important part of this company's work and has greatly improved the production of farm crops.

Surrounding these plants are overlapping, transparent images of scientists working in the field and laboratory, farmers and their families working to enjoy the benefits of their produce, images of fruits and vegetables, flowers, golf courses, nurseries and the ever-important harvest time. From the satellite portrayed in the center panel to sophisticated, computerized laboratory environments, high-tech images represent the enormous technological strides taken by this company to perfect the art and science of farming.

"Feeding the World" sums up this company's efforts to make plants disease and insect free while maintaining nutritional perfection. These efforts are resulting in a healthier life for farmers, consumers and our environment.


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