overall and detail view of painting

Room Scene and Detail Photograph.

Paintings at Banner Pharmacaps, Inc. (High Point, NC) Five equilateral triangles, each 47", total size 41" x 150" x 2"; 1997.

Celebrating Banner's new High Point facility, this painting captures the essence of Banner Pharmacaps – people. From dedicated employees to trusted customers, Banner impacts the lives of people around the world by delivering healthcare and beauty products in a convenient, palatable way.

The basic concept of this work focuses on people through the use of five equilateral triangles. The three colorful triangles pointing upward depict active, healthy people in various settings around the globe. The two downward pointing triangles, done mainly in white to symbolize the cleanliness and purity of the Banner laboratories, emphasize the employees of Banner working in harmony in laboratories, manufacturing and shipping facilities around the world.

I have chosen well-known scenes from around the world to portray the global nature of Banner's business connections in the US, Canada, Mexico, India, South America and the Far East. Overlapping images are used to depict these scenes: the dogwoods of North Carolina, the Pyramid of the Sun from Mexico City, the spectacular mountains and mounted police of Canada, the Taj Mahal in India and palm trees from California. The unique walking bridge connecting the manufacturing and administrative buildings at the High Point facility symbolizes the connection between Banner locations across the US.

Dominating the central panel is a windmill and tulips representing the Netherlands, the home of Banner's world-wide operation. The blades of the windmill create a geometric pattern that is carried over to the adjoining panels. Key elements of Banner's business are depicted on the pattern – natural ingredients that go into their products such as purple coneflower and tomatoes, and the final product itself in the form of capsules cascading down from bottles.

Through the use of alternating panels, colorful geometric shapes and overlapping images, I have tried to illustrate the interaction of people, employees and customers alike, as the heart of Banner's success as it touches people around the world.


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