Wake Forest Baptist, Birthing Center; Winston-Salem, NC; 2019

"Life's Pathways"
36" x 94" (3 panels, each 36" x 30")
Left Detail - Middle Detail - Right Detail

Three panels, with a central tree overlapping all panels. A path will begin under the tree and vanish into the distance hills. Middle horizontal section will be distant hills and valleys. Some of the hills will be detail close ups of flowers, grasses and insects. There is a river snaking around on the left panel. Between the limbs of the trees are details of birds, leaves, insects, sky, sunsets, leaves and other. The pattern of images between other images will repeat in the foreground. White will be the predominent impression. Details contrast with the white. Bluebirds are the main bird and focus is on them in a number of images from eggs, nest, flying and perching. The local Pilot Mountain landscape is a surprise in the horizon.


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