Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Palo Alto, California; 2019
Winston-Salem Journal, Relish article; February 21, 2019



Pulmonary Treatment Room
19" x 120.25"
Detail 1 - Detail 2


Paintings were enlarged to 400% and laminated to three walls of the treatment room.

Aspen/Beech trees divide the painting in sections. The trees contrast with the horizontal line of landscapes binding the painting together. Details come into focus as you step close to the painting. Centered and lined up alternately, up and down are black and white relief drawings of animals and birds, adding to the complexity of the art, completing the feeling of geometric symmetry. Overlaying many of these nature scenes will be: featured larger scale (native to California) animals, birds, flowers, deer, salamanders, insects, etc. The spaces between the branches will be areas for zooming in on details. All zooms will be out of proportion to the rest of the scenes and be against a background of white. These white backgrounds give the painting a feeling of light, bright and colorful. The work is done in layers, with the landscape background and trees in this case added first, with other and many elements overlapping.

(Note from a mother: I wanted to thank you did the beautiful artwork displayed in my daughter’s room today. We were in for a 1.5 hour respiratory test at Stanford Children’s Hospital and I was able to refocus and enjoy the beauty in your art during what is typically a stressful and sometimes sad time. I loved and admired every part of it. Thank you, Melissa O)




Fitness Lab
19" x 145.25"
Detail 1 - Detail 2 - Detail 3



Paintings were enlarged to 400% and laminated to three walls of the lab.

Landscape and trees are your immediate reaction when entering this room. Rolling hills to snow capped mountains with trees, lakes and waterfalls. Large animals realistically painted, provide focal points for the eye to wander off for more details of herds and birds. Details come into focus as you step closer to the painting. All of this is woven together in layers using black line drawings to break up the space, accentuating and calling attention to landscape features. The lines allow specific details to be zeroed in on and enlarged beyond the ability of a simple landscape. The realistic scenes provide a restful area for the eye to focus on as it travels over the complex geometric shapes and details of the overall canvas. The nature details shown in many areas overlapping the scenes and in the detail zooms will all be native to California: animals, birds, flowers, salamanders, insects, etc. The overall effect with the white background is light, bright and colorful.

To also be used as wall treatments, enlarged to 400% and wrapped around the walls of rooms designed to treat children.


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